Sleep Well
Jim Swearingen

Second Edition now available! For more than a decade, Jim Swearingen has helped thousands of patients use and benefit from their positive airway pressure devices. What can be a very challenging road to success is made much easier with proper guidance and instruction. This book is a must have for people who use CPAP machines, anyone who snores or knows someone who does. You will become familiar with exactly what occurs when someone tries to breath against a closed upper airway and why it is so important to your health to prevent it. Select either hardcopy paperback for just $14.95 + S&H (recommended) or for $8.95 you may download the pdf. Either way, you will have all the information necessary for you to make the most out of your equipment, and with any luck, you will sleep well and feel great!

$14.95 plus S&H- Hardcopy paperback - 170 pages.

Volume discounts available - simply email your request.

$4.95 - click button below to download pdf version.